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Friday May 24th 2024

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6A Reunion Kids’ Kitchen

6A Reunion Kids’ Kitchen

6A Reunion Kids’ Kitchen has been held on 9th Jan already.  Special thanks to Pamela and Fiona from Catering Team for teaching us how to make the pizza ! Some of the kids here were just about 2 years old.  Since our principle was to have parents learning how to [Read More]

( 7 ) Reborn at a Dead End

My situation was continually getting worse.  My mother tried her best to find a way out without giving up.  She consulted a medium about what happened to me.  The medium told us that I had offended an evil spirit and it was not a big problem.  She suggested to me to [Read More]

(6) The Abyss

At this moment, I struggled hard on the floor.  My mind was totally blanked out and what I could see was only an opened window.  I only needed to stand up and jump out from the window and I would finish all this torment and “my friend” will leave me forever.  [Read More]

2011 Sermon

52. Unto us a Child is born Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2011.12.25 51. Christmas Celebration Speaker:Dr. Raju Date:2011.12.18 50. Forget or not forget Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Date:2011.12.11 49. Suffer but not turn bitter Speaker:Pastor Rebekah [Read More]

Elim Christmas 2010

[Read More]

Peace and Joy in the Lord

Peace and Joy in the Lord

Hello everyone!  I am Francer. I have been to Elim Church for about two years.  I was a Buddhist before. In fact, I studied in Buddhist school and my sister was a Buddhist too. How come I became a Christian? About two years ago, I felt big pressure in my work and I was [Read More]

Christmas Celebration 2010.12.24

Christmas Celebration 2010.12.24

Christmas Celebration is our invention this year. This is especially for Jesus. Yes, an event to celebrate the birth of Jesus and for Jesus only. We sang Silent Night together in the candlelight.  The message that night was about Christmas tree. The Christmas tree was not [Read More]

(5) The Battle

As time went by, I have started to work now. I tried several jobs because I wanted to learn more to enrich myself. During this period of time,”my friend” didn’t come to me very often. One day when I was traveling on a bus after work, the bus passed by a [Read More]

(4) Losing my grandparents

Some of the readers may wonder why my life has been filled with so many hardships and so many question marks. For example, the girl living next door wanted to start her life right again, but was killed in a traffic accident.  Of course, by that time, I was only a kid, I [Read More]

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