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( 9 ) The Spiritual Battle

( 9 ) The Spiritual Battle

Days without Soul  After the emotional breakdown on the flight, I started to live my life without soul.  Day after day, this was really horrible. I did not want to consult psychiatrist anymore. I knew very clearly that the medication could only suppress those negative [Read More]

( 8 ) Going Astray

After I have believed in Jesus, I have received lots of blessing from God. I therefore decided to get baptized very soon. The faith I had was so strong that I could stop all medication at one time.  However, since the medication I took was addictive, it was not easy at all [Read More]

Year End Prayer and Thanksgiving Meeting

Year End Prayer and Thanksgiving Meeting

The most special thing about the Year End Prayer and Thanksgiving Meeting is a feeling of “ happiness “ and “ warmth “. That evening, brothers and sisters had prepared dinner for us. (Thank you so much!) Just imagine you had worked hard all day, and you saw the fine [Read More]

6A Reunion Kids’ Kitchen

6A Reunion Kids’ Kitchen

6A Reunion Kids’ Kitchen has been held on 9th Jan already.  Special thanks to Pamela and Fiona from Catering Team for teaching us how to make the pizza ! Some of the kids here were just about 2 years old.  Since our principle was to have parents learning how to [Read More]

( 7 ) Reborn at a Dead End

My situation was continually getting worse.  My mother tried her best to find a way out without giving up.  She consulted a medium about what happened to me.  The medium told us that I had offended an evil spirit and it was not a big problem.  She suggested to me to [Read More]

(6) The Abyss

At this moment, I struggled hard on the floor.  My mind was totally blanked out and what I could see was only an opened window.  I only needed to stand up and jump out from the window and I would finish all this torment and “my friend” will leave me forever.  [Read More]

2011 Sermon

52. Unto us a Child is born Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2011.12.25 51. Christmas Celebration Speaker:Dr. Raju Date:2011.12.18 50. Forget or not forget Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Date:2011.12.11 49. Suffer but not turn bitter Speaker:Pastor Rebekah [Read More]

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