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Tuesday February 27th 2024

Creative Arts Class

Creative Arts Classes were held at Elim Church on the four sundays of September.  Kids stayed behind after lunch and learnt to make ” the three little houses for the three little pigs “.  But where have all the parents gone ?  They were at the 6A Workshops next door, learning how to be effective parents !

4th Youth Alpha


Work hard !

Camp Site

Yeah !

Elim Bowling Fun Day

Glad to see so many new friends coming ! Uncle Bill has brought more than 10 of his friends to this Fun Day and we were so happy to meet them !  Guess who was the champion ?  Looking forward to the next Elim Bowling Fun Day !Special thanks to Activity Team for organizing this event !

Vacation Bible School

The 3-days Vacation Bible School for kids has been completed !  The kids were very proud to receive their certificates.  No wonder, they spent 3 afternoons in church and learnt how to be kids who could make wise decisions.   Let us share some of their Kidwords.


Kidsword 1

Teacher : If you have a lot of money but dad is not around, what will you do with the money?

Ying Ying ( 10 yrs old ) : I will save it !

Yat Sum ( 8 yrs old ) : I will give offering.

Teacher : Wow ! How much will you give ?

Everybody : 1/10 !

Ka Ho( 4yrs old ) : But, but… I don’t have 1/10 !

Wing Wing( 8 yrs old ) : I will buy a caculator and plan how to use the money.  And I will stay in a hotel.

Ying Ying : I will also donate to others.

Wing Wing : If you donate too much, after a while, you will have nothing for yourself !


Kidsword 2

Teacher : The Lost Son was not a wise guy.  He messed up when his dad was not around and wasted his money.  He wasted his time too…..

Ying Ying ( 10 yrs old ): ( very seriously )… No, he didn’t waste his time. During the time when he was away from home, the time was not wasted.

Teacher :  Why do you think so ?

Ying Ying : Because during this period, he learnt that he couldn’t be this anymore.  He had learnt a great lesson.


I think you will agree with me that our Elim kids are really smart kids !

Vacation Bible School

Kids receiving their VBS certificates after attending the 3-days Bible study playgroup during the summer holiday.

VBS Tea Party !

Watch out !

Elim Open Day 1st August

*Kids making sandwiches for parents.

* Our guest receiving foot massage service while chatting with our usher.

Mothers’ Day Celebration

It was such a beautiful thing to bless our mothers on this special day! Pastor Paul led us to pray for all the mothers in Elim.  Children presented wonderful cookie gift sets, prepared by Catering Team, to mothers.  Special thanks to Outing Team for organizing a grand Yum Cha Party, so we could bless our mothers with wonderful Chinese Dim Sum !

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