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Monday July 13th 2020

‘講道錄音 Audio Sermons’

2020 講道集

26. 當避無可避時 When the Inevitable happens Speaker: Pastor Rebekah Leung Date: 2020.06.28 25. 父親的重要性 The Importance of our Fathers Speaker: Pastor Paul Sarchet-waller Date: 2020.06.21 24. 神在向我們說話 God is Speaking to us Speaker: Pastor Paul [Read More]

2019 Sermon

52. 過得勝生活 Living Victory Speaker: Pastor Paul Sarchet-waller Date: 2019.12.29 51. 聖誕 Christmas Speaker: Pastor Paul Sarchet-waller Date: 2019.12.22 50. 道成了肉身 The Word become Flesh Speaker: Pastor Paul Sarchet-waller Date: 2019.12.15 49. [Read More]

2018 Sermon

47. 多久? How Long? Speaker: Sister Diane Sarchet-waller Date: 2018.11.25 46. 你期望被改變嗎?Do You Want to Be Changed? Speaker: Pastor Paul Sarchet-waller Date: 2018.11.18 45. 行走在神的關係中 Walking in Relationship with God Speaker: Pastor Paul [Read More]

2017 講道集

53. ‭‭2 Kings 2 Speaker:Bobbie Tinnion Date:2017.12.31 52. God Has a Plan For You Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2017.12.24 51. Bringing Jesus into the World Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2017.12.17 50. Simply wisdom (in Chinese only) [Read More]

2016 Sermons

52. Christmas Meaning Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2016.12.25 51. Christmas Wisdom Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2016.12.18 50. Are You Proud to Serve God? (In Chinese only) Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Leung Date:2016.12.11 49. Brethren, [Read More]

2015 Sermons

53. Shamgar (In Chinese only) Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Leung Date:2015.12.31 52. Being Committed to the Church (In Chinese only) Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Leung Date:2015.12.27 51. Unto Us a Child is Born! Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2015.12.20 50. The [Read More]

2014 Sermon

52. Our Value to God Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2014.12.28 51. For Unto Us a Child is Born Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2014.12.21 50. A Gift worth Giving Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2014.12.14 49. Prepared for Battle II [Read More]

2013 Sermon

50. The Loving, Compassionate Father Speaker:Sister Diane Sarchet-Waller Date:2013.12.15 49. Reap with Rejoicing Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Date:2013.12.08 48. Hold Fast Your Integrity Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Date:2013.12.01 47. Getting There Speaker:Pastor Paul [Read More]

2012 Sermon

53. What is Christmas? Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2012.12.30 52. The Word Became Flesh Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2012.12.23 51. A Commemorative Good Work (in Chinese only) Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Leung Date:2012.12.16 50. Be a [Read More]

2011 Sermon

52. Unto us a Child is born Speaker:Pastor Paul Sarchet-Waller Date:2011.12.25 51. Christmas Celebration Speaker:Dr. Raju Date:2011.12.18 50. Forget or not forget Speaker:Pastor Rebekah Date:2011.12.11 49. Suffer but not turn bitter Speaker:Pastor Rebekah [Read More]

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