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Saturday November 26th 2022

God carried me through the darkest moments

I believe the dream deep down in the heart of every woman is to have a happy marriage and a family full of warmth and joy. I am no exception. I took full-time housewife as my perfect life-time career. However, no one could prepare herself for a broken marriage when she was still living in a paradise.  But, without a trace, this tragedy suddenly came into my life. The problems and issues were much more complicated than I thought, far exceeding what I was able to handle. At the same time, depression came on to me. 

The idea in my mind was “ give up “.  But how could I do this when I looked at my son, who was only 12 ? 

At this most miserable moment, our heavenly father took me into His arms.  He carried me through the darkest and the most helpless times of my life.  Thank you to my heavenly father that He has given me the strength and power. I had never thought that I could raise up my son with my own hands. Not only this, we are now much happier and having a much better life than before !

“The woman who creates and sustains a home, and under whose hands children grow up to be strong and pure men and women, is a creator second only to God.”

Helen Hunt Jackson


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