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Monday March 4th 2024

China Mission Work

Carol and Pastor Leung shared how they felt after their China mission team a few weeks ago.   Here are the touching stories !

” This is the first time I eat with more than 70 brothers and sisters in a little cottage in China. We ate together and we worshipped together.  More than 40 of them had travelled a long way in order to come here. And among them, 20 are new comers. And yet, all these 70 people are leaders in churches in the mainland. They are either responsible for a cell group or a district of cell groups. “

” The most special thing about this missionary trip was, we were able to watch a video of a very special event.  It was a banquet celebrating 32 couples re-submitting their marriages to God.  They committed that they would follow Biblical teachings in their marriage, i.e. one man and one woman, one heart and one mind, one husband and one wife, and for all of their lives.  Some of them were even divorced and were brought together again by the power of God.  And some of them were even grandparents. “

” From the conversations with the local believers, I learnt that the Gospel had changed their lives and they were totally renewed and living totally new lives! I was very thankful that Elim church is a church that put much emphasis on mission work. “

” All of these started in a tiny cottage 15 years ago.  Now, it has already developed to more than 105 churches there. It is hard to believe if I have not seen this myself. “

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