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Elim Appreciation Day (1)

The 1st Elim Appreciated Day has been held on 24 October 2010.  We are able to interview the brothers and sisters who received the most Thank you cards this time.  However, we hope to receive more and more opinions from other brothers and sisters as well.  So, do send us your views and we can post for you !  In fact, the following brothers and sisters are not those who received the most thank you cards.  Who are the real heroes ?  Let me tell you next time !


Thank you brothers and sisters for your recognition and blessing! Glory to God!  24.10.2010 was our first Elim Appreciation Day.  I got an award for “ receiving most thank-you cards”.  I am very happy. I need recognition and appreciation from others. But I haven’t thought that I could be the No.1!  When Pastor Leung proclaimed that I am the winner, I really couldn’t believe this and didn’t know how to react.

After I have received the award and went back to my seat, my feeling then started to flow out. There was a time, I almost left Elim due to my personal difficulties. By that time, Pastor Leung said to me, “ … no matter what, after all, this is your home, and they are your families ….. “ It was with these words and God’s grace, I endured and overcame these difficult time.

Now, seeing this home, and my family members’ recognition and appreciation to me, and think back what had happened before, my heart almost melted. My heart has been accepted and my heart belongs to this family once again.  God gave me the opportunity to be part of this family once again!  I love you all, I love my family! Glory to God!


When I heard my name, I thought it was a mistake. But when I looked at Pastor Leung who was on the stage, she was looking at me at the same time, I realized that it was really me! When I got the gift, it was so sweet! Thank you Father!


Elim is my home. I have been well taken care of in this home all the time. Thank you brothers sisters and Pastors, for all your care to my family and me.   when my kids were small, I really could not take up any ministry at church. I learnt to serve my family with a very dedicated heart and I was joyful for this. However, since I could not join most of the church activities, I started to lose the bonding among brothers and sisters who were not in my cell group. And I was not happy about this at all. I think many people do experience difficulty in church life at different times. I prayed and God told me, “ You are the one to solve the problem, but not the one to create more problems. “ With this, I started to learn to express my love and care to others even without any post in church ministry. Loving people is a very happy thing. I am learning how to care about other people in the way, which they will find it comfortable. This is my weakest part.  The “ Thank-you Cards” represent our friendship, I treasure every single piece of these. When I feel frustrated, I will read them all again and again! I almost don’t want to spend the money away! But finally I exchanged them for a sweater because I am not cold resistant. Special thanks to Cora and all the brothers and sisters for bringing this meaningful day to us. I have so many people I want to say thanks to, but I could only write a few cards…… !

Andy (Wong):

It is a wonderful thing being appreciated. However, one should not be prideful because of winning this award. So many brothers and sisters in our church have contributed to the church quietly. They should be the ones to be awarded. What I have done….. is too small!  Church is our home.  It is not possible for everything to be perfect. I need to learn to accept one another, endurance, tolerance, and appreciate one another!


 “ Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously “ 2 Cor 9:6  Through this Elim Appreciation Day, I realize that this is very true. When I wrote the Thank-you cards, I have so many people I want to say thanks to.  Because so many of my “thank-you words” have been buried inside my heart.  Through this Thank you card action, all of us can boldly write down our appreciation.  What we received is not just the “cash “ inside the packs, but every line of sincere words.  This warms our hearts so much.  No matter if you are the giver or the receiver, both are very happy.  Elim Appreciation Day – Like!

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