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Tuesday February 27th 2024

Vacation Bible School

The 3-days Vacation Bible School for kids has been completed !  The kids were very proud to receive their certificates.  No wonder, they spent 3 afternoons in church and learnt how to be kids who could make wise decisions.   Let us share some of their Kidwords.


Kidsword 1

Teacher : If you have a lot of money but dad is not around, what will you do with the money?

Ying Ying ( 10 yrs old ) : I will save it !

Yat Sum ( 8 yrs old ) : I will give offering.

Teacher : Wow ! How much will you give ?

Everybody : 1/10 !

Ka Ho( 4yrs old ) : But, but… I don’t have 1/10 !

Wing Wing( 8 yrs old ) : I will buy a caculator and plan how to use the money.  And I will stay in a hotel.

Ying Ying : I will also donate to others.

Wing Wing : If you donate too much, after a while, you will have nothing for yourself !


Kidsword 2

Teacher : The Lost Son was not a wise guy.  He messed up when his dad was not around and wasted his money.  He wasted his time too…..

Ying Ying ( 10 yrs old ): ( very seriously )… No, he didn’t waste his time. During the time when he was away from home, the time was not wasted.

Teacher :  Why do you think so ?

Ying Ying : Because during this period, he learnt that he couldn’t be this anymore.  He had learnt a great lesson.


I think you will agree with me that our Elim kids are really smart kids !

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