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Monday December 11th 2023

God is Able !

My boss always said to me,  ” it is very difficult to change one’s personality. ”   I agreed with him very much.  Whenever I encountered difficulty in working relationships, I told myself, ” it is very difficulty to change one’s personality “.  I believed conflicts happened becasue different people have different characters and value systems, and there was no way that you can change yourself nor other people.  Confilcts therefore happened endlessly in our workplace.  However, deep down in my heart, I hoped to have good relationship and friendship with the people at work, so we could work happily together !

After I became a Christian, I felt I need to change because I wanted to improve the atmosphere in our office.  However, this saying, ” it is very difficult to change one’s personality “, seemed like a curse to me that I couldn’t break.  It was hindering me to develope better relationship with other people.

I was very frasturated with myself.  One day, I cried in Pastor Leung’s office, telling her what happened.  Pastor Leung said to me tenderly, ” it is okay, man is not able, but God is able.  “

After a while, I read an article about inter-personal relationships.  It was very inspiring to me.  I started to follow the prayer in this article as my daily prayer.  I prayed to God, ” My Father, I sincerely want to rely on your Word and your Truth to live my life everyday.  Although may be I cannot follow your teachings everyday, I sincerely wish to be changed by your Truth, day by day in every aspect of my life, especially in my relationships with colleague XXX.  “

I prayed this prayer everyday.  After about a month, I discovered my relationship with that colleague was improving gradually.  And I felt the change within my heart too. 

I realised that it was not by my will power that I was changed, but was by God’s power.  I have to rely on God’s power, not my own will power. I have to give my heart totally to God.

This happened about one year ago.  Now, I still pray this prayer everyday and I know that I still need to be changed by God.  I am very thankful to God that He has given me good relationship in my workplace.

With God’s power, personality can be changed !


Pastor Day 2010

Treasure every moment in life

I grew up in Christian schools and I have heard many stories about Jesus and His miraculous acts. I felt His power and therefore I believed in Him and wanted to know Him more. I asked my Christian friends to bring me to church when I was in Form 2.  I joined their cell group with a desire to acquire more knowledge about God, and I didn’t know that He was God who has the power to change my life!

I remember when I was in primary 4, I was addicted to some unhealthy websites and my mind was full of useless thoughts. This seriously dragged down my academic results.  After I became a Christian, I knew that these thoughts were of no value at all, and I stopped touching this stuff any longer.

Not only did my behavior and thoughts changed, my heart and my character were changed too. I was very afraid of the dark since I was a child. But now, I am not afraid of being alone anymore. I used to hide my feelings, but now, I can open up my heart and share with others about how I felt inside.  Before, I thought of taking my own life when I was sad, but now, I treasure every moment in my life !

All these changes are brought by a simple belief, reliance and trust in God’s power and grace !

Tong Tong       University student

A meaningful journey to maturity

A big Hi to everyone !  Today, I would like to share my testimony.  Before I was a Christian, I was a very quiet person. I spoke bad languages just like other boys. I had lots of strange thoughts in my mind. I will be a good guy in front of people to get their recognition. But on the other hand, I will be a “ worldly guy “ in order to make more friends.  Whenever my friends asked me to go to church, I would say “ I am busy “. Even if I really did go there, I felt so strange.

Until one time my friend brought me to Elim Church. This time the feeling was totally different. The people in this church was not ” over enthusiastic “, and yet, this church is comfortable, care-free and without peer-pressure.  By that time, I was looking for quietness in my heart and so I tried to believe in God. 

From then, I experienced many different things, some were happy, some were sad.  And God gave me the opportunity to go into college, this was totally out of my expectation !

When my relationship with God got closer and closer, I decided to get baptized.  After getting the baptizism, I started experiencing more and more of Him.  My life, my habits are now changing and improving.  I now have many new goals in my life.  Though I am much more busier than before, my life is very fulfilling indeed. 

I guess this is a journey we as youth must go through in order to become a more mature person.  From then on, I understood the importance of God in my life, and having more stable prayer and devotional times.   This is not an easy journey, but it is very meaningful indeed.  I have been receiving more and more spiritual gifts, peace and joy from God… I really, really thank God !

Tabris   A working young man

Jesus opened up my heart

When I was in primary school, I have been to church already. But I didn’t go there anymore because I was busy with my studies.  In  Form 1 and 2 , it was the most helpless years in my life. I felt that no one could understand me, I tried to make friends with a sincere heart but what I got in return was  “ hurt “.  I felt very tired about people and relationships.  And I have became very quiet and closed my heart and didn’t want anyone to see through me inside.

It was at this moment in time I joined the Elim Youth Alpha. At first, I didn’t talk much and felt quite lonely. But gradually, since I also joined cell group every Saturday,  I stopped feeling lonely anymore. 

The reward of keeping going to the meetings was a kind of “ step by step faith “. I accepted Christ in the 1st Youth Alpha and since then I joined all the Youth Alpha courses as a worker. 

Now, I can make friends with a sincere heart and not be afraid of getting hurt. I don’t feel that school is a dark birdcage anymore. The most important point is, God has given me countless faith,  that I will not run away, but have the courage to face the difficulties in my life !

Phoebe    Form 4 Student

More friends, more happiness

The most apparent change after believing in Christ should be my character, I guess ! Before, I didn’t like talking very much.  If you ask me something, I would say, “ yes, no, ok, alright”.  I didn’t have many friends and I thought there was no problem having only one or two friends. Plus, I was a very stubborn person. If I thought I was right, there was no way that you could make me listen to you.

And now, you see, I am so talkative, once I got the chance to talk I just keep talking and talking !  And I got many friends here too, and, I am very happy now !

Cherry   Form 2 Student

Wonderful Life in Jesus

I knew Jesus since I was very young. My teacher told me, Jesus loved me and died for me. So, I followed Jesus with a very simple mind. When I was in Form 1, I followed my aunt and went to church. There wasn’t any earthshaking experience, but my life has been changing since then.

I was a very lonely kid, lacking love from my parents. I tried to please everyone around me because I was afraid of losing their love. I didn’t know that I was hurting myself with this, the more I was afraid, the more I would get hurt.  Gradually, I became very self-protective, and on the other hand, living for others. I didn’t enjoy life at all.

When I was about to graduate from high school, my parents were devoiced.  I stood on the MTR platform and was thinking of jumping down to put an end to all of these sufferings. 

It was at that moment, the Holy Spirit reminded me, I was bought by Jesus at the cost of His own life! Therefore, I didn’t jump, I realized that the one who was living is not me anymore, but was Jesus in me.  And this loving savior changed my life from day to day since that day onwards.

And now, my value does not depend on how much I have achieved, or whether people value me or not, because I know that Jesus loves me. I opened up my heart to love other people, and living not for other people but only for God. 

Hardships will still be here, but I know God will never leave me alone, and He will give me the courage to live a wonderful life.

Sandy   Secondary School Teacher

God carried me through the darkest moments

I believe the dream deep down in the heart of every woman is to have a happy marriage and a family full of warmth and joy. I am no exception. I took full-time housewife as my perfect life-time career. However, no one could prepare herself for a broken marriage when she was still living in a paradise.  But, without a trace, this tragedy suddenly came into my life. The problems and issues were much more complicated than I thought, far exceeding what I was able to handle. At the same time, depression came on to me. 

The idea in my mind was “ give up “.  But how could I do this when I looked at my son, who was only 12 ? 

At this most miserable moment, our heavenly father took me into His arms.  He carried me through the darkest and the most helpless times of my life.  Thank you to my heavenly father that He has given me the strength and power. I had never thought that I could raise up my son with my own hands. Not only this, we are now much happier and having a much better life than before !

“The woman who creates and sustains a home, and under whose hands children grow up to be strong and pure men and women, is a creator second only to God.”

Helen Hunt Jackson


God gave me great peace

I encountered some setback in my investment a few years ago.  It was not my fault at all.  I was actually misled by the financial planner.  A large potion of my savings was gone overnight !  When I first learnt about this, I was very depressed.  After a while, when I felt better, I started to pray.  God gave me great peace that was beyond my expectations.  So I kept praying with great peace in my heart.  In 2009, I took back a large potion of my savings  !  I was very thankful to God! And in 2010, I got all my money back, even with interest!God will always take care of his children! Amen !


6A Workshop

The 6A Workshops for parents, children and youth workers were held in September.  A big clap to all those who have participated in these workshops, including the introductory seminar in August !  Especially for parents who have young kids, it is not easy at all coming to church on sundays, and then stay behind for 5 weeks to complete this workshop.  Some of them even live far away from Elim Church.  Well done !

Thank you, Teacher Fiona, Teacher Jessica and Teacher Ellen !

Thank you Teachers for the Little Pigs and the Little Houses !

Thank you Ah Chi, May, and Penny for baby sitting !

Thank you Class !  Your participation is the most important !  Looking forward to reunion gathering in the near future !

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